Happy birthday to our favorite dancing machine and angel, ChenChen첸 을 사랑 해요! #HappyChenDay! #KiimJongday! [x]


Happy Birthday to our favourite ShrekChen!


9/ days with kim jongdae: 120411 Music Billboard Interview


8/ days with kim jongdae: 120410 Sina Interview


2/10 edits/gfx for jongdae's birthday ♥!

"First example, first kiss, first date, the word first… I think the word first has a great meaning"

These words of yours have stuck with me and as I kept reminiscing about all that’s happened to you since your last birthday it hit me how much you’ve achieved in one year. I’ve said this so many times before, and each time I mean it more than my life, I’m going to say it once again today : I honestly couldn’t be more proud of you!

수고했어 종대아 ! 생일 축하해 !!!!


Happy birthday to our one and only Jongdae !

Happy Birthday Jongdae! (September 21, 1992)

Thank you for being one the greatest sources of happiness a fan could ever ask for. Words will never be enough to express just how much joy you’ve brought into my life, with your voice and laughter. I truly hope you spend today and every day of your life feeling loved and happy, because someone like you, who radiates sunshine with his smiles and love and kindness in everything they do, deserves at the very least the same in return.

Happy Birthday Tiny Prince! ♥

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